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Dedicated Tucson Business, Real Estate and Divorce Attorneys

Protecting your family, business and real estate interests

At the law firm of Remick West-Watt, PLC, we provide cost-effective, comprehensive legal representation with a practical approach. Our Tucson real estate lawyers have a wealth of experience and outstanding credentials. We leverage our background and knowledge to guide clients through the legal process in a very streamlined, results-oriented manner. Our goal is to protect your family, real estate and business interests — both today and tomorrow.

We focus on three main areas of practice:

Highly qualified Tucson divorce attorneys

For those facing emotionally difficult family disputes or divorce, our Attorneys provide sound, compassionate legal advice and representation. With their extensive qualifications, experience and insight, they advocate for clients in even the most complex and demanding cases, including high-asset divorces and complicated child custody matters.  Attorney J.M. Stanlee West-Watt brings over twenty years experience in representing clients in complex divorce and custody matters in Colorado and Arizona, and dedicates herself to obtaining the best outcome for each client.

Tucson real estate attorneys you can count on

Our business and real estate attorneys in Tucson are uniquely qualified to advise you regarding Arizona laws and regulations that can impact your business or real estate transaction. The real estate lawyers at our firm have a broad range of real-world experience. Attorney Timothy Remick worked in a licensed general contracting business for many years and now teaches continuing education courses for real estate professionals. Attorney Michael Capp was a commercial real estate broker for seven years prior to becoming an attorney and has also taught landlord/tenant law to real estate professionals. Our attorneys have represented many types of clients in multiple cases involving all aspects of real estate law.  This unique combination of legal and professional experience enables us to provide exceptionally valuable counsel and insight for our business and real estate clients.

Skilled negotiators and tough litigators

When our clients face lawsuits, disputes, high-asset divorces or other legal problems, our attorneys provide a swift, appropriate response that lets the opposing side know we are serious about reaching an equitable resolution. Our attorneys are skilled mediators with extensive experience in out-of-court dispute resolution who deftly guide negotiations to a successful outcome.

If an aggressive, proactive approach is necessary, we do not hesitate to apply legal pressure by initiating a civil lawsuit and taking a case to trial. Knowing when and how to use legal leverage is the key to effective resolution of your legal matter.

Contact us today

If you are looking for Arizona attorneys to assist you with any business, real estate or family legal matter, the law firm of Remick West-Watt, PLC is ready to help. Please do not hesitate to call us at 520.441.6932 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific legal concern.